Free Water Service & Supply

Free Water Service

Mauli Foundation’s Second free water service project is up and running at Bhadgaon Bus Stand. We are providing water to the people of Bhadgaon to help them cope with water shortage during summer. Mauli started providing water in this area of Maharashtra since summer 2016 and plan to continue this every summer.


Mauli Foundation first free water service project completed successfully in 2016 at Bhadgaon, where we provided free water to people mostly farmers who come from various villages to this place for groceries and for small farming needs. Due to hot summer and drought it’s difficult for them to get clean drinking water. In 2016 Mauli foundation also provided free water tanker to the whole village, during each day of summer with the help of which none of the hosehold of the village faced shortage of water and nobody slept thirsty in Bhadgaon

If you have been to this area you will know the value of fresh water specially around April-May as temperature goes up to 45°C . Mauli Foundation ‪Volunteers really work hard to build these stalls and arrange everything every year.

On an average 1200 to 1500 people gets water from this stall every day. We have 2 full time volunteers who work on stalls from morning 9 am to 10.30 PM every day. Other Mauli volunteers helps them whenever they can. We generally get 25 containers of water (20 Liters a container) on an average every day. We get these water containers in relatively good price as people around area knows that Mauli Foundation is trying to help needy people there.

We plan to continue this free water project every year during summer, hopefully with your support we will be able to do it without any problems.

Free Water Supply

Mauli Foundation started daily Water Tanker for village Pendgaon ( Bhadgaon ) in 2016, as this village is facing drought situation and villagers are struggling for water.
Mauli foundation is committed to provide water for this village every year during summer.
Thanks to all Mauli Volunteers for their hard work and commitment.